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26 February 2020


Peter JWG van Vliet, president
Jana van Vliet-Ostaptchouk Ph.D, secretary / treasurer
Stephen R van den Berg Dipl. Phys, board member

Advisory Council:

Prof. Dr. Bert de Vries (NMP / Utrecht University)
Drs. Gemma Crijns (Coordinator MVO Platform - vice president IUCN NL)
Dr. Mark van der Veen (lector CSR Amsterdam University)

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The iNSnet Foundation is a not-for-profit communications network advocating a sustainable society. As a social venture it cares for our planet, for a balanced economy and for fair communities that people can enjoy for many generations to come.

iNSnet offers professional services in news and information publishing, media exposure, consumer behaviour research and trend management. It pairs its activities with social and ecological responsibility to prove that it is possible to care for the environment and be professionally successful as well.

The iNSnet Foundation is an independent, privately funded, not-for-profit social venture, based in the Netherlands.