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This is why Tesla is not as sustainable as it likes you to think

Elon Musk is a master in attracting attention with provocative oneliners and suggestive tweets. Many of those are aimed at boosting his green image, and that of his companies and products. Like Tesla electric cars. The facts, however, often tell a different story.
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Why it is not sustainable for everyone to own a Tesla, Rivian or any other EV

Driving an EV is better for the climate. But that does not mean everyone can have their own. That would make climate problems even worse.
paper packaging

Paper food packaging at the centre of Europe’s waste crisis

Some of the most regressive actors in the packaging value chain, such as single-use paper packaging producers and McDonald’s, have been conducting a massive lobbying campaign to greenwash single-use paper as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.
vulcanoctopus in vulcanic cave

New life forms discovered in volcanic caves

A new ecosystem has been discovered in volcanic caves beneath hydrothermal vents at a well-studied undersea volcano at 2.500m depth.
climate movement

How the climate movement is killing itself

While water and fire descend over more and more places in the world and torment society, the climate movement is holding itself hostage in a paralyzing division.
natural hydrogen

Is natural hydrogen the biggest promise of all?

Hydrogen is both a promising carrier for energy and a source for quasi-endless discussion. Since those discussions mainly deal with the way to produce it, they may be silenced soon. Natural hydrogen is just waiting under our feet to be harvested. Can it rescue the energy transition in time?
photoreactor, hydrogen from sunlight

Breakthrough: Making hydrogen from sunlight with record efficiency

A new technology can make hydrogen from sunlight with record-breaking efficiency. The new device combines next-generation halide perovskite semiconductors with electrocatalysts in a single, durable, cost-effective and scalable construction.
the great unraveling, the polycrisis

The Great Unraveling: the world is falling apart in the polycrisis

After an addictive period of progress and as the result of several, mutually reinforcing crises, in the Great Unraveling the world is falling apart both ecologically and socially. That process now has a name: polycrisis. 

How sodium-ion batteries can transform battery storage

Thorough research and experimentation of sodium-ion batteries continues to take place as it is an industry with a huge market potential.
wind power

How swarm intelligence and AI prevent future energy blackouts

The energy transition does not just change the energy generation technologies we use, but also requires the power grids to be updated. Swarm intelligence and AI are the latest tools.