22 September 2020

Changing change

A memetical about real change and Microsoft, Google electrical cars

If we want to make tomorrow’s world a better place to be, we should change the way we are changing.  Change as usual will not do the trick.

What I mean is that we should stop to change small bits and pieces while leaving the big structures in place. A good example is the electrical car.

Instead of applying an already available redesigned concept, we put a different engine into an old structure. So we still can produce it in our old factories en fuel it with our old power plants. Thus ending up using  75%  more resources than necessary to achieve the same result.

A platform design with direct drive, using the wheels as engines, would require 25% of the power to perform the same, using less parts.  From a traditional economic perspective it means producing 4 times more cars with the same investment. And making 4 times the profit.  From an ecological point of view it means saving 75% of resources.

It also means accepting that Microsoft or Google will be the producer of your next car.  And some may not like that idea at all.  Time to change some preferences as well….