22 September 2020

Changing the changers

A memetical about Barack Obama, an organic society and you

If we want to live happily ever after, we better change the changers as well.

Remember when Barack Obama was running for President? How everybody (well, almost everybody…) expected big changes after his election? And how disappointed we were? (still are?)

No surprise, really. How many kings, presidents or leaders of the pack do you know that ever started a revolution? More likely, they were the victims of one. So don’t look up for change.

Look around you instead.  You, me, the whole lot of Johns and Janes who’s future is at stake when it hits the fan. Those are the people that can generate the momentum for a transition into an organic society.

Presidents, they will be fine, no matter what. But also, they are not so many. And it’s still the masses that move things. In the streets, in the squares, on the internet.  When presented some perspective and directions, we will be the changers.