22 September 2020

Black Berry Sunday

A memetical about London violence, blackberry, robmobs, Project Mayhem and Margaret Thatcher

A new phenomenon hit the London streets on a seemingly random Sunday in August: robmobs, orchestrated flash mobs targeted at robbing shops and in some cases even fellow robbers.

Looters communicated through Blackberries. Not because of fashion, but because messages are scrambled. Not readable for the police.

Contrary to the use of web media in Egypt and Libya, where everybody could tap in and follow or join, here a deliberate and well-chosen media device is used to assure exclusive participation from the gang scene.

That does not point to a sudden outbreak of outrage over the killing of a fellow citizen. Or to any cause of sudden anger or frustration. If that were the case, violence would more likely be focused on a direct confrontation with police or politics. In stead, shops are looted for drugs, tv sets, sportswear. At a Boots pharmacy shop, a complete supply of drugs disappeared. The nearby bookshop of Waterstones left untouched….

Do we witness the actual execution of Project Mayhem? Or do we face the ultimate inheritance of Margaret Thatcher’s policy? Both maybe?

British government thinks about a ban on social media. What about a ban on delusive advertising instead?