22 September 2020

A silver bullet for a new economy?

A memetical about real money, false expectations and the need for a new economy

There always have been people who wanted things to change, all over history. Once every so many years, their numbers grow to a level that things start to change indeed. We are approaching that level rapidly again.

We want a new economy. And we want it for the same reason that we want to buy a new car: because the old one is breaking down repeatedly and is worn out beyond repair.

In a sound economy, prices represent the real value of stuff.  When you buy a house, you pay for the labor, the land, the bricks and mortar.  When you buy stocks, you pay for the value of the company. And money is a means to represent that value and to enable fair trade between different types of values.

In a sick economy, prices represent the greed of people. When you buy a house in a sick economy, you pay for the expectations of a quick profit. The same with stocks. Money facilitates speculation now. It represents the value of a lottery ticket. Only one out of every thousand or so you can cash in. The rest is waste.

If we can make laws that prohibit people to kill each other physically, we can make laws that prohibit people from killing each other economically, using money. We can actually outlaw speculation with common goods, food, private homes, stocks if you like. Some countries already forbid short selling of stocks. It may be a start. It proves it can be done.

Tell your MP or congressman that is exactly what you want. A new economy that protects you from being murdered with money.