22 September 2020

If climate can change, so can we

A memetical about simple ways to solve complex problems

From the moment the words ‘climate change’ entered our daily conversations, the human kind has been held hostage by statistics about rise in temperature and sea level. The abstract but potentially devastating nature of these long-term forecasts paralyzes most of us. So business can go on as usual.

The simple truth however is that climate change happens as a direct result of our own behavior. The same way we make economy change, and society. We make our eco and socio systems a hostile environment to us. It’s the straight outcome of our consistently unsustainable actions.  Changing our ways will solve the problems.

You may think this is put too simple. I think it can’t be made simple enough.  The answer to man-made deconstruction lies exactly in revealing and understanding the most basic drivers of it. Grasp what you want to achieve. Look at what you do. Analyze how you do it. Then reset your goals, change your strategies and tune your actions to a balanced life that you and your offspring can enjoy forever after. A way of life, based on quality rather than on stuff.

Thinking that way, the question is if you want a big house, or a safe and cozy place to live? Do you want a car, or to travel safe and in comfort?  Do you want to eat meat, or enjoy a tasty and wholesome meal?  Do you want to work, or have a fulfilling life? And do you really believe you can make money by lending it?

We know the outcome of the wrong choices only too well: over-consumption leads to climate change, health problems and diminishing resources. With huge financial costs and human suffering as a result. Stress leads to aggression and disease. With huge financial costs and human suffering as a result. Over-consumption, climate change, health problems, stress, aggression, diminishing resources and overspending lead to out-of-control financial obligations with economical crises as a result.

I hope a few of you will pick up this line of thinking, and pass on the idea. Next put it into play. So the meme can spread and do its work.  If a complex system like climate can be changed, then what about us, simple people?