22 September 2020

Green your life, change perspective

A memetical about old problems, new solutions and green farming the Brightfarms way

Why do we do things the way we do them? Rethinking our motives may lead to surprising solutions.  Like this one. For as long as we know we grow food in the countryside. In the cities, where consumers live, there is no space for it. Or is there?

Actually, in the old days, we did grow our food around our homes.  And we continued to do so, even when lots of people left their homes and started to gather in cities. Farmers just delivered the food at their doorsteps, at local markets. Over time, volumes and distances grew. But the system did not change.

‘Why not grow food where the people are’, appeared to be a breakthrough thought at BrightFarms.  There, they discovered that the original paradigm was no longer valid: by now the size of an average supermarket equals the size of a full-size greenhouse. Just put the greenhouse on top of the supermarket, and everybody wins.

Customers win: supermarket customer gets a fresher, better product because it was grown locally and delivered within hours, not days. It was grown for taste and not for shelf life.  Environment wins: by cutting out transportation millions of tons of carbon emissions are saved from being released into the atmosphere. And business wins: more economical operations offer both higher profits and better quality products.

BrightFarms finances, builds and operates the greenhouse. There is no cost to the retailer. The supermarket only pays for the produce. They pay the same price they are paying now and often a better price. They sign a long term purchasing contract. BrightFarm use the long-term contract to finance the capital investment.

Since December 2010, 10 supermarket chains have signed up to work with BrightFarms including 5 of the top 50 national chains. The first three commercial greenhouses will open in early 2012.