26 October 2020

Cheers, it works again

A memetical about giving your stuff a second life, and having a beer meanwhile

Have you ever checked how much stuff you had to waste and re-buy, just because the old piece broke down?  Did you ever wish there was a place to go and have it fixed instead?  Well, now there is. At the Repair Cafe, you have a beer and have your bike fixed at the same time. For little money or for free.

Everyone agrees that it is ok to use stuff as long as you can. But everything brakes down one moment. And how many people still have the skills to repair? In the Netherlands a group of artists picked u the idea to bring broken stuff and repair people together in a relaxed setting, which became the Repair Cafe. Have a beer, have a chat, and have your stuff fixed while you have a good time as well.

Set up as a one-time event, the idea was carried on by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who made it a revolving party.  As a result, Repair Cafe’s pop up all over the country, a repair bus is driving around to assist local events and a small team now is shaping an actual organization out of it, with the support of a social investment fund.

Not only ‘customers’ love the idea. Many of the people who actually do the repairing are retired or not fully employed and love the opportunity to meet people and to pass on their skills.

Simple idea’s can make a world of difference, check it at www.repaircafe.nl   (in Dutch, but you can call or mail in English)