Repair phones to cut yearly impact on global warming by 31%

Researchers projects that using a smartphone for five instead of three years could reduce the phone’s annual carbon footprint by 31%.

NGOs demand clear commitments to responsible sourcing, design, reuse and recycling of batteries

The EU Batteries Regulation is crucial to guarantee sustainability requirements for the whole life-cycle and recycling of batteries.
wind power

Clean energy transition may eventually profit from war, report finds

The war in Ukraine may at first delay the transition and increase emissions, but ultimately will lead to an even faster acceleration in the pace of the transition, a new report finds.
oil rig

Not a single oil major is Paris-aligned

Following the latest CA100+ benchmark and IPCC report it appears that not a single oil major is Paris-aligned, Follow This reports
mahi 2

Solar powered USV robot boat crosses the ocean, a first

Mahi Two, an uncrewed surface vessel (USV), has become what is believed to be the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean using only solar power.
tree felling for biomass

Tree felling for biomass continues despite strong warnings

Many wood-burning power plants and wood pellet manufacturing plants in the EU appear to be using trees logged directly from forests.
stockholm exergi

Stockholm Exergi plans to build Europe’s first large-scale negative emissions plant

Stockholm Exergi plans to build Europe’s first large-scale negative emissions plant, a project supported by the EU’s Innovation Fund.
european parliament

Is the EU Circular Economy Package a new game changer?

The European Commission released a set of initiatives to speed up the transition toward a circular economy. Swift action is needed to reduce our emissions and resource use while respecting planetary boundaries and human rights.
sustainability people

People don’t react to sustainability but to their own experiences

Behind sustainable choices is not the actual sustainability of the company, organization, or brand, but the sustainability experience.

What batteries could share with milk and kitchen foil

Lithium-ion batteries have fuelled our age of portable electronics, but they have increasingly become a victim of their own success. So researchers try and create similarly effective batteries out of more abundant elements.