Big Agri profits tripled in midst of cost-of-living crisis

In the last three years, the profits of the five biggest traders in agriculture commodities tripled compared to the years before.

Hidden costs of agrifood systems exceed $10 trillion

Our current agrifood systems impose huge hidden costs on our health, the environment and society, equivalent to at least $10 trillion a year, according to a ground-breaking analysis by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

10 ways how urban farming makes cities more resilient and sustainable

Urban farming, urban agriculture or urban ag as it is sometimes called, is about growing food in cities. It is about local people growing their own, often organic crops on rooftops and in neighborhood gardens, providing easy access to fresh, local food.

What is the most promising urban farming business case?

The urban farming business is growing fast. Individuals, neighborhood groups, and local coõperations are getting involved in sustainable agriculture in cities, as well as companies and agricultural entrepreneurs.

11 successful practices in urban farming

Cities that keep growing and that are under the constant pressure of climate change, environmental challenges, and social disruptions. Feeding cities is a big thing. Let’s have a look at some successful practices in urban farming.

3 rising noodle stars: udon, soba and pho

Noodle soups are making new friends all over the world and many people who met ramen are teased to go further on their noodle soup adventures. There they meet udon, soba an pho.

More seaweed farming great for food, feed, and fuel

Expanding global seaweed farming could go a long way to addressing the planet’s food security, biodiversity loss, and climate change challenges.

Ramen, the number 1 queen of noodle soups

Ramen is not only popular in Japan but its fame has spread all over the world. There are countless varieties of ramen, with different flavors and styles to choose from.

A World Tour of Noodle Soups: From Ramen to Pho, Udon and Soba

Noodle soups have become quite popular, not only in their home countries but all around the globe. Since it is clear that not all noodles are the same, and neither are noodle soups, it’s time to find out more about them.

Food revolution: how 420 km2 can feed the world with precision fermentation

All the protein we need to feed the world can be produced on an area of land smaller than London, or the micro-state of Andorra. A food revolution too good to be true? Not according to RePlanet, the group that builds on precision fermentation to pull it off.