Cost vs Conscience: the Dilemma Dividing Sustainable Travel in 2023

Insights gathered from more than 33,000 travelers across 35 countries and territories highlights a dilemma. People feel potentially forced to choose between cutting costs and being more mindful about making more sustainable travel choices. At a time of general global uncertainty, traveling more sustainably continues to be front of mind for travelers.

3 rising noodle stars: udon, soba and pho

Noodle soups are making new friends all over the world and many people who met ramen are teased to go further on their noodle soup adventures. There they meet udon, soba an pho.

Ramen, the number 1 queen of noodle soups

Ramen is not only popular in Japan but its fame has spread all over the world. There are countless varieties of ramen, with different flavors and styles to choose from.

A World Tour of Noodle Soups: From Ramen to Pho, Udon and Soba

Noodle soups have become quite popular, not only in their home countries but all around the globe. Since it is clear that not all noodles are the same, and neither are noodle soups, it’s time to find out more about them.

Toxic chemicals and bad labor conditions at Shein fashion from China

Today’s hippest teen-brand Shein fashion is growing rapidly – and its internet-based recipe for success is top secret. And cheap.

How brands can sell more sustainable fashion

With 65% of consumers saying that they care about the environment, a mere 15% are actually buying sustainable fashion. The good news is that research finds that will change for the better. At least, again that’s what consumers say.

Endangered elephants sold as toys for Emiratis

Endangered elephants from the wild in Namibia landed in a UAE zoo. The sale served to simulate an African safari experience as a toy for Emiratis.

Sweden most sustainable travel destination

Scandinavia is leading by example in its engagement and progress towards sustainable travel, with Sweden ranked first, followed by Finland, Austria, Estonia, and Norway.

This solar boat completed an emission-free voyage to Alaska

An electric boat that runs virtually endlessly on solar power –  that’s the dream that’s been driving David and Alex Borton for the last 17 years. Now it came true.

Carbon neutral music from Lahti for sinking cities

The carbon-neutral symphony orchestra of Lahti has played a piece titled “ICE” to endangered coastal cities. The piece can be heard only in places threatened by climate change and rising sea levels.