New life forms discovered in volcanic caves

A new ecosystem has been discovered in volcanic caves beneath hydrothermal vents at a well-studied undersea volcano at 2.500m depth.

EU ban on harmful chemicals is failing, NGOs warned

Exactly a year ago, the European Commission announced it would rapidly ban thousands of the most notorious harmful chemicals still found in consumer products and contributing to growing human infertility, serious illnesses and environmental harms. So far, little has changed.

Dutch dump plastic clothing waste in Kenia – investigation

The Netherlands is dumping a million items of junk plastic clothing waste in Kenya every year that are too dirty or damaged to be reused, creating serious health and environmental problems for vulnerable communities.

How mussels naturally remove microplastics from the sea

Mussels remove microplastics as natural filter feeders that ingest the plastics with their regular food and pass them into their faeces.

Most plastic waste and garbage in Pacific from fishing

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is largely composed of plastic waste relating to the offshore fishing industry.