10 ways how urban farming makes cities more resilient and sustainable

Urban farming, urban agriculture or urban ag as it is sometimes called, is about growing food in cities. It is about local people growing their own, often organic crops on rooftops and in neighborhood gardens, providing easy access to fresh, local food.

What is the most promising urban farming business case?

The urban farming business is growing fast. Individuals, neighborhood groups, and local coõperations are getting involved in sustainable agriculture in cities, as well as companies and agricultural entrepreneurs.

Green parks have economic value too

A new framework developed by the University of Waterloo researchers demonstrates the significant economic health savings and benefits from investments in green parks.

11 successful practices in urban farming

Cities that keep growing and that are under the constant pressure of climate change, environmental challenges, and social disruptions. Feeding cities is a big thing. Let’s have a look at some successful practices in urban farming.

Designing sustainable cities for a crowded future

The prospect of nine billion people living on earth from whom 80% will live in cities makes it increasingly important to design sustainable cities that can accommodate this growth, without depleting our resources or contributing to climate change.

Sustainable cities: how local governments take the lead in going green

A sustainable city is one that is designed to minimize its environmental footprint, while still providing all of the amenities that make it an attractive place to live. But how does it get there?

Swedish sharing cities take a lead on the sharing economy

The national program Sharing Cities Sweden has placed much focus on how city governments can facilitate the sharing of things, services, places and mobility.

Citychangers love to change cities to be more sustainable

A global knowledge hub to help you make cities sustainable. Inviting mayors, experts, entrepreneurs, and passionate changemakers to enjoy our curated content free of charge.

4 great cases from green cities in Europe

At the workshop you will get to know the best practises of recovery and sustainability work of the cities of Lahti and Lappeenranta, Grenoble, Lahti and Växjö.